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Portfolio Services

Forte Real Estate Partners provides comprehensive demographic, analytical mapping, and lease administration services to our clients.

These Portfolio Services are structured to provide our clients with the greatest flexibility and critical data for decision-making that is specifically tailored to their individual business.

Our Portfolio Services Team provides our clients with the data driven tools needed to make critical strategic decisions for the long-term success of their entire real estate portfolio.

Staffed by experienced professionals with legal education, document training, and extensive property management experience.

Lease Administration

  • Comparative Lease Cost Analysis
  • Critical Date Tracking
  • Key Provision Tracking
  • Complete Lease Abstraction

Market & Demographic Analysis

  • Demographic Mapping
  • Client & Competitor Mapping Analysis
  • Site Location Analysis

Document Drafting & Review

  • Renewal Notice Letters
  • Termination Letters
  • SNDA’s & Estoppel Certificates

Operating Expense Audits

  • Year-end review of common area chargebacks

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